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The Alpine Club Dancers


The Alpine Dancers are a truly authentic and polished dance group whose members love to perform Austrian and German folk dances and Schuhplattler. They perform at a variety of events throughout the year, including KW Oktoberfest of course – check out our upcoming events tab to find out where you can enjoy their next performance.


Current Alpine Club Dancers

Back Row: Hans Kroisenbrunner, Anne Kroisenbrunner, Reinhard Drobig, Andrew Hutfluss, Dietmar Biselli (Music Engineer), Sonja Kroisenbrunner-Biselli (Choreographer), Alex Drung (Treasurer), JJ Kroisenbrunner

Front Row: Max Biselli, Marita McQuoid, Lore Kump, Karin Stieg-Drobig, Emily Willard, Laura Kump, Stephanie Grebinski, Stephanie Drung, Krystal Kroisenbrunner, Felix Biselli (President).

Missing: Maddie Baker (Secretary)

Our History Together

Back in the earlier years of the Alpine Club, a group of club youth performed at various club functions throughout the year to add entertainment to these events.

Later in 1979, the Alpine Dancers, as we know them today, were officially formed under the direction of Hans Kroisenbrunner Sr. After a short few months of practice, the Alpine Dancers started performing for club functions and later began attending out of country events such as the Gottscheer Treffens in New York, Milwaukee and Cleveland beginning in 1983.

~ Gottscheer Treffens – 1983 to present
~ Gottscheer Treffens – 1983 to present

~ European Tour – 1992 (The 2-hour program consisted of not only our traditional folk dancing and Schuhplattlers, but also required 2 costume changes, including an authentic native Indian feather headdress)

~ 50th Jubilees for HRM Queen Elizabeth II – we were honoured to be asked by the DKK (Deutsch-Kanadischer-Kongress) to represent the German speaking community at this special celebration amongst a mere 8000 invited guests crowded the Trade Centre in Toronto on Wednesday, October 9, 2002. Everyone anticipated at least seeing Her Majesty and Prince Phillip close up.


~ Opening Ceremonies for Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest – Various Years


~ Canada AM on CTV Network – 2003

~ Christine Cushing Live on the Food Network – 2003

~ Toronto Park Picnic – 2003

~ Waldfest, Buffalo – 2003 and 2004

~ St Catharines Festival of Lights – 2004

~ Kitchener Christkindl Market – Annually

~ Tulip Festival in Ottawa – 2005

~ Breakfast Television on CityTV Network – 2006


~ Germanica, Delhi – 2007

~ Timmins Multicultural Festival – 2007

~ Toronto Christmas Market – 2010 to 2015


~ Various Weddings and Corporate Functions

~ German Club Functions across South-Western Ontario

~ and of course a number of performances during Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest at many of the festhallen

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