Our Story

In 1953 the vision of a group of countrymen from the region of Gottschee was realized and The Alpine Club was founded. The original founder, Wilhelm Hoegler, was joined by Walter Mausser, August Göstel, Cyril Hribar, Frank Hutter, Bert Kresse, Josef Mausser, Anton Pleschinger, Josef Primosch and Josef Sigmund who brought this club to life.

The club house was built in 1958 with the financial assistance and active involvement by the members at that time under the leadership of the then president, Richard Mausser. Expansions were added in 1961 and 1970 to what is we know today standing at 464 Maple Avenue in Kitchener.

The leadership of the club since inception was with the following presidents: Wilhelm Hoegler, Hugo Eppich, Richard Mausser, Sepp Mausser, Anton Pleschinger, Hans Kroisenbrunner Sr., Helmut Herold, Frank Spoenlein, Alois Stalzer, Hansi Kroisenbrunner, Bill Poje and the current president, Dietmar Bisselli.

With over 200 members, The Alpine Club also has several Untergruppen: The Alpine Dancers, The Ladies Auxiliary Edelweiss, and The Alpine Mixed Bowling League.

There was a time when there was a dance or event to attend almost every weekend at the club. These events included Bauernball, the Card Party, the Anniversary Banquet, the Crowning of Miss Alpine Club, Freundschaftstanz, Ein Abend Im Alpenland, our Annual Members Picnic, Gottscheer Treffen, Oktoberfest, the Children’s Christmas Party and a New Year’s Eve Dance. Most of these still happen on a yearly basis today. Additions to this list include both Marchtoberfest and the Oktoberfest Premiere Event of So You Think You Can Tanz.

Our biggest party by far is Oktoberfest. These nine days of Gemütlichkeit are filled with live music, dancing, and entertainment by our own Alpine Dancers and guest groups – what more could you ask for. At the Alpine Club, the festival is truly Bavarian but done in our traditional Alpine style. People come far and wide for a course of our delicious food and drink and make friends for life both on the dance floor and at the schnapps bar. Our ladies in the club kitchen have left our friends wanting more with their world famous apple strudel – just one more reason to visit us during the festival.

The first Gottscheer Reunion was first held at the Alpine Club in 1963 as a way for fellow Gottscheers from near and far to gather and reminisce about the old country. It has since been hosted annually alternately by Gottscheer clubs in Cleveland, Milwaukee, New York, Toronto and Kitchener. We have celebrated over 50 years of friendship, tradition and made memories which help our countrymen to pass on the legacy to the next generation.

The Alpine Club is rich in heritage and tradition, but has been able to move forward with the new trends and hope that you will join us at any of our events throughout the year. Check out our events listings and join us for a memorable night of camaraderie and fun – we welcome everyone to our house that is the Alpine Club – We would love to have you!